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HB Code - Line of business application for WPF is built using MVVM, Entity Frameowork 4.3 Code-First approach.

Known Limitations

  1. Customer Phone is not validated.
  2. Ribbon tab once closed do not reopen we have to restart application.
  3. All of the limitations that Avalon dock 1.3 , MS Ribbon Control, Extended WPF toolkit 1.5 has that is included.

Used Tools:

  1. Avalon dock 1.3.
  2. MS Ribbon Control Library.
  3. Extended WPF toolkit 1.5.


  1. Overcome the Limitations mentioned.
  2. Implement IoC using Prism.
  3. Implement Silverlight and WP7 application also.

Screen Preview:

Customer dialog window screen

Customer listing in datagrid

Customer dialog window showing validation

Customer dialog window displaying datepicker

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